In this paddlsport kayaking meets swimming and surfing. It is simple and immediate and needs no previous knowledge, just an adventurous spirit.
The equipment is consists of a board with a hull similar to a kayak and a pair of webbed gloves. It gives you a great freedom of movements combined with a great stability and safety (the hull protects face, chest and legs).
The river experience gets as intimate and exiting as possible, with only the board between you and the river’s rapids and waves. It is like flying on the water.
No sophisticated technique to be learned, the movements are intuitive, as the body reacts instinctively to the changes of the flow and the boards are designed to follow the water around rocks.
No stress and you can focus on learning to flow and having fun.
Bellyakking offers unmatched possibilities for those who are new to mowing water and gives an entirely new perspective and challenge to those who have been on the river already.


We provide:
• boat, paddle, neoprene, buoyancy aid, helmet
• experienced guides
• theoretical lesson and practical exercises
• free courtesy transfer from and to our base in  or meeting point (if needed)

To bring:
• sport shoes (get wet)
• swim wear and towel
• dry change