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Beautiful canyoning tour with great jumps and abseils under clear waterfalls and an amazing natural environment with rare plants.

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Canyoning tour Lake Garda Dolomites


Wild canyoning adventure. A short walk leads to the lower part of this remote canyon, where you will find a few jumps (some high, not compulsory) and abseils under clear waterfalls and an amazing natural environment with rare plants.


Level: medium, suitable for sportive beginners also

Tours: daily 8.00 – 13.30

Duration: about 4 hrs. (2 hrs wet)


  • min. age 15 years
  • water confidence
  • good fisical shape for the walk in




We provide:

  • Complete equipment (neoprene wetsuit and socks -buoyancy aid – helmet – climbing harness)
  • Wetsuits and socks washed, disinfected and dried after every use
  • Professional canyoning guides
  • Free  courtesy transfer from our base in Torbole or meeting point to the canyon and back
  • Car recovery after the tour
  • Valuables custody during the excursion


To bring:

  • Sport shoes (trainers or trekkers) – they get wet!
  • T-shirt
  • Swim wear (already on)
  • Towel
  • Dry shoes for after canyoning (even sandals or flip flops) and dry T-shirt


None of the jumps ore slides are compulsory. There is always the possibility to avoid them or the alternative of descending with the rope (abseiling). Although jumps and slides are a fun feature of canyoning, they can always hide dangers, especially if not done correctly. The guides cannot control this aspect and every participant takes full responsibility for their accurate execution on the declaration of responsibility to be signed before every tour.



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    Call in and learn about it and you will understand what is so special about it, as canyoning is an unforgettable outdoor experience. It is not just a water sport, it’s adventure, it’s nature, it’s fun! You can swim in clear pools, jump from rocks, slide on natural slides or abseil from cliffs. And you find yourself in a magical environment, between rocks that cristalline water has carved in Thousands of years.
Canyoning is magical, fascinating, just a little crazy and lets you try something different and experience a few hours of “wet fun”.
    On every descent our canyoning guided take care of your safety and fun. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience in canyoning and on continuous training and upgrading. They have gathered all the canyon’s secrets in the Thousands of descents they have done.
    We provide the complete technical equipment, with exception of shoes (5mm. wetsuit, socks, life vest, harness, helmet). WETSUITS AN SOCKS WASHED, DESINFECTED AND DIRED AFTER EVERY USE.
    The minimum age for the easier tours is 12 years and 40 kg weight (85lb). For kid's bookings please contact our office for advice.