What is canyoning?

Call in and learn about it and you will understand what is so special about it, as canyoning is an unforgettable outdoor experience. It is not just a water sport, it’s adventure, it’s nature, it’s fun! You can swim in clear pools, jump from rocks, slide on natural slides or abseil from cliffs. And you find yourself in a magical environment, between rocks that cristalline water has carved in Thousands of years.
Canyoning is magical, fascinating, just a little crazy and lets you try something different and experience a few hours of “wet fun”.
You will be ok also if it is your first time, it’s easier than you imagine.
Our canyoning guides will look after you safety and fun all the way trough the canyon.

How is a canyoning tour organized?

Booking is required.
Meet us 10 min. before starting time at our office or at the designated meeting point. You can park there, if you come by car.
Please don’t forget swim wear (already one), an extra t-shirt if needed and sport shoes (they get wet).
There is between 10 and 40 min. drive to the canyon with our mini-busses (unless different agreement)
At the starting point we get dressed with our eqipment (wetsuit and socks, lifevest, helmet, harness). There ar NO CHANGING ROOMS, please make sure you have you swim wear on under your clothes already. All valuables please to be handed out to your guide or driver for safe storage and your bags with dry clothes to bereft on the seat of the van. You will find everything again at the exit of the canyon.
A short briefing and lesson about canyoning technique and general rules is hold before we enter the canyon itself.

What kind of tours do you offer?

There are daily tours to some of the most entertaining canyons of medium difficulty and by request we can organize more difficult tours for groups who already have canyoning experience.

Can I participate if I am only by myself?

Of course you can. If it’s just one or two of you, we’ll put you in a group with other participants.

What do I have to bring?

Just bring your good humour, a swim wear (already on), a towel and sports shoes (they will get wet)

What equipment do you provide?

We provide al lthe tecnichal equipment, with exetpion of shoes (5mm. wetsuit, socks, life vest, harness, helmet). WETSUITS AN SOCKS WASHED, DESINFECTED AND DIRED AFTER EVERY USE.

Who is leading me?

On every descent our canyoning guided take care of your safety and fun. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience in canyoning and on continuous training and upgrading. They have gathered all the canyon’s secrets in the Thousends of descents they have done.

I have never done canyoning before, will I be able to do it?

You are very welcome on your fist canyoning experience. We only ask you to feel confident in water, have a bit of fitness and if possible a good head for heights. Al the rest will be thought on the initial lesson. No good swimming skills needed, as  we provide buoyancy aid vests for everyone and there is never long distances to be swum. I you are in doubt, please contact our office to find out the best tour for you to start with. And remember: more advanced does not necessary mean more fun, just a higher technical level. Please be aware of your fitness and abilities.

And if it rains?

Canyoning is possible also when it rains. We all get wet anyway. Only sometimes, after a long period of strong rains, the water may rise up to a dangerous level. In this case the tours are suspended, but only by decision of the guides

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

For canyoning you don’t need perfect swimming skills, you just need to feel comfortable with water.

Do I have to do all the jumps?

None of the jumps are compulsory. There is always the alternative of descending by rope, and abseiling is passive, the guide assures you. JUMPS AND SLIDES ARE NOT COMPULSORY AND ARE DONE UNDER EVERY PARTICIPANT’S RESPONSIBILITY. Although being one of the fun parts of canyoning, they can also hide some dangers. The guides cannot control the right execution of jumps and slides, only give you advice. Every participant holds the responsibility of the correct execution on jumps and slides. If you feel unsure, please choose the rope.

What if I have never done abseiled/rappeled before?

Before the first rope descent our guides will explain to all of you how to do it. It is not difficult and great fun. All the technical maneuvers will be done by the guides, you only have to learn the right position.

Is canyoning enjoyable for women?

Almost half of our guests are women and they do it as well if not better than the boys.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age is 12 years and 40 kg weight (85lb) As for the maximum: Andrè did a tour with us on his 70th birthday…


Should you wish to immortalize the most exciting moments of the tour, you can bring your own Go Pro Camera or  waterproof camera. Our guides will teach you how to use it safely.  Your are welcome to bring it, but do so at our own responsibility. Guides are NOT to be held responsible for custody, loss or recovery of camera. The cameras need to be secure with a lace and can be used to film others only, not on jumps and slides. For safety reasons sticks, chest straps and helmet mounts are NOT allowed.

All our guides have a compulsory Third Part insurance that coves all the components of canyoning under direct responsibility of the guide (e.g. abseiling). Attention: This is not a personal insurance for every participant and does NOT cover injuries occurred during  walking, swimming, sliding, jumping

What if I wear glasses?

People wearing glasses can keep them on if they really need them, just fix them with a cord. We alro recommend the use of water and shockproof cases and can provide them, if necessary.  Contact lenses can also be worn, you just need to be used to wearing them in water.

Is it possible to go canyoning with a disability?

We like to think that canyoning is for everybody. In our many years of activity we have taken several disabled people through the canyon and it has always been a very special pleasure for us. Please contact us and we will try to plan a customized tour for you.