What is bellyaking?

Bellyaks are boards with a hull similar to a kayak, which are steered with special webbed gloves  They are very stable and movements are simple and intuitive for everybody to enjoy straight away.
You will be ok also if it is your first time, it’s easier than you imagine.


Gold level
Suitable as first experience, flowing down a river with gentle waves and easy lines.

Diamond level
If you like to feel the withe water on your face: slalom through rock, fun waves and little jumps for fun and adrenaline. One previous experience required

How is a bellyaking tour organized?

Booking is required.
Meet us 15 min. before starting time at our base. You can park there.
Don’t forget swim wear and sport shoes (they get wet).
10 to 30 min. drive to the river with our busses (unless different agreement)
At the starting point we get dressed with our equipment (wetsuit and socks, lifevest, helmet). A lesson about paddling technique and general rules is hold, followed by some easy excercises.
We will guide you down the river safely, trying also to entertain you. One of our guides will always be close to you and help you in every moment.

A bellyak is new to me, will I be able to do it?

Of course you will. Just choose the right tour to start with and you’ll see it’s easier than you imagine. Movements are simple and intuitive and it is easy to exit and re-enter the bellyaks.  The current is never too strong and the hull protects body and legs.  Wetuits and buoiancy aids keep you on surface even if you are not a good swimmer. Due to the board homologation there is a weight limit of 100kg (220 lb) though.

Who is leading me?

On every descent our River Guides care for your safety and fun. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience in kayaking and on continuous training and upgrading.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide everything:  board, webbed gloves, 5mm wetsuit, socks, life vest, helmet. WETSUITS AN SOCKS WASHED, DISINFECTED AND DIRED AFTER EVERY USE.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

You don’t need perfect swimming skills, but we strongly recommend that you have a good confidence with water

And if it rains?

Bellyaking is possible also when it rains. We all get wet anyway. Only sometimes, after a long period of strong rains, the water may rise up to a dangerous level. In this case the tours are suspended, but only by decision of the guides.

Is bellyaking enjoyable for women?

Almost half of our guests are women and they do it as well if not better than the boys, as they have the natural gift to learn new skills quickly.

Is there an age limit?

The minimum age is 16 and a height of 155cm for the basic tours. For the advanced one we ask for an encounter with the guides first. The maximum admitted weight is 90kg (due to board homologation).