What is caving?
Caving is as excursion to explore the underworld. We will enter a mostly horizontal cave. It is technically not demanding, but  there will be some crawls, squeezes and narrow passages and on some tours some little lakes to pass. We will admire cave formations like stalactites, scallops…

Who can participate?
Everyone with a little fitness can participate. The age limit is 12 years and 130cm ( for smaller children please ask at our office) Due to some quite narrow passages this tour is not recommended for claustrophobics and heavy participants (limit 100 kg/220 lbs). If you are afraid of heights, pleas just tell your guide and he will help you over the difficult passages. Everything else will be thought to you by the guide and you will find it easy and enjoyable.

How is a caving tour organized?
Booking is required.
Meet us 15 min. before starting time at our base. You can park there.
Don’t forget sturdy footwear and comfortable clothing.
10 to 50 min. drive to the cave with our busses (depending on tour and unless different agreement)
At the starting point we get dressed with our equipment (overall/wetsuit, helmet, harness). A lesson about progression technique and general rules is hold.
We will guide you through the cave safely, trying also to entertain you. One of our mountain guides will always be close to you and help you in every moment.
At the end of the tour a snack will be served, before we drive you back to our base.

What do I have to bring?
Just bring your good humour, sturdy footwear, clothes that can get dirty, a clean change and a plastic bag for your dirty/wet stuff. A little bottle of water might be useful. For those tours with water involved you will need swim wear to wear under the wetsuit.

What equipment do you provide?
We provide protective overall or wetsuit,  helmet, powerful head light, harness.

Who is leading me?
On every tour our Mountain Guides care for your safety and fun. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience in canyoning and on continuous training and upgrading. They have gathered all the cave’s secrets in the many times they have done it.