Can everybody learn to climb?
We believe that everyone with an average grade of fitness can learn to climb. If you are a bit afraid of heights, just tell it to your guide and he will stay close to you all the way up. The rest is easy to learn, when professionals teach you.

Who is leading and teaching me?
Our courses are held by IFMGA Mountain Guides. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience and on continuous training and upgrading. They know every track very well and can handle every situation.

How is a climbing course organized?
Booking is required.
The total 12 hour course is held over 3 half days.
The first day please meet us 10 min. before starting time at our base. You can park there.
Don’t forget sport shoes and drinks.
The first theoretical lesson about materials, climbing technique and general behaviour on the rock is hold. Depending on your experience the guide will decide the location.
10 to 20 min. drive to the site with our busses (unless different agreement)
Your guide will always be close to you and help you in every moment.
You will then decide the progression of the course together with your guide.

We provide the full technical equipment. It is made up of certified gear, which is always up to date and in perfect conditions. We provide not only ropes and safety gear, but also climbin shoes and chalk bag. If you already have your own equipment, you can use in accordance with your guide.

Is there an age limit?
Every age is good to learn how to climb. For smaller children we suggest you have a meeting with our guides first.