Canyoning on Lake Garda - Trentino Dolomites - Italy

If you are looking for that special moment to make your holiday on Lake Garda unforgettable,  join us on one of our canyoning trips. We will take you to places hidden to the most, in gorgeous canyons that crystal clear water from the Dolomites have carved on their way though the valleys in Trentino. One the many tours we are running daily in the warmer season, our experienced guides will take you to the discovery of this little gems where you will have lots of fun with jumps, slides, abseils. No special preparation needed, just come ready for fun.

...canyoning and beyond... our program includes also many other activities, like fun kayaking, bellyaking, via ferrata and caving. Come and find your favorite.



We are not satisifed with anonimous online bookings. We like to offer personalized advice and answer any questions you may have before booking. Our information and booking office can be contacted every day for any request. We want to make sure that you are going to book the experience that suits you best.


10 good reasons to choose Canyon Adventures

At Canyon Adventures we have over 25 years of experience with guided canyoning tours. Some customers continue to visit us every year since the very beginning. Others, who had come years ago with their parents, bring their own children to let them live this wonderful trails of which they have a beautiful memory. Many of them have become friends, co-workers, even girlfriends and then wives. Come and discover that canyoning with us is contagious and that you'll want to come back again to be part of the great family of Canyon Adventures.
We offer the widest choice of canyoning tours in all of Italy. You can come to visit again and again and always have new experiences. Most of these canyons have been "discovered" and equipped by our historical guides and are maintained by them every year.
We have no fixed plans, but are able to modulate our offer based on customer requests. You can therefore choose which tour or activity to do on any day of the season and you will not be tied to the program dictated by the organization.
We like to offer personalized advice via e-mail, telephone or personal talk at our front office before any booking, in order to advise you on the best choice, based on the group's composition, your experience, holiday address, your expectations. We don't limit our service to reservations and click payments without having had any personal contact.
We are the largest company in Italy, mainly specialized in canyoning. Our team consists of both local guides, raised in the canyons of the area, and by international professionals who bring their canyoning experience from all over the world. We speak several languages besides Italian, including English, German, Spanish, Slovenian.
We offer a free courtesy transport from our center in Torbole sul Garda to the activities and we have multiple meeting points all over the northern part of Lake Garda also. You will be able to meet your guides as close as possible to your accommodation or home and you will not need a car to get to the canyon.
We provide comfortable all-weather equipment, which is constantly updated and serviced. Our wetsuits and neoprene socks are washed, disinfected and dried for each use. You will be able to wear a clean and dry wetsuit, without the doubt about who wore it before you and what they did inside it. Please note that this is a rare service in all commercial water activities.
On our tours you will be accompanied by our chauffeurs, who drive you to the entrance of the canyon, recover you at the end bringing your dry clothes, keep your valuables and act as an external support if anyone would need interrupt the descent for any reason. This saves you from long walk ins in your wetsuit under the scorching sun or long waits in the rain while the guide retrieves the van on foot.
We go out in small groups to make the experience more intimate and pleasant. This saves you long waits before each dive and you do not have to queue up with 20 people or more to do an abseil. We can still manage larger groups for special events such as hen or stag parties, company incentives or school groups. However, the customer-guide ratio will always remain at a maximum of 8 to 1 in order to maintain the descent as smooth and safe as possible.
We are not just guiding people ,we try to give everyone his little great adventure, taking you to your limits and bringing a smile onto your faces. We take you back to your childhood, when everything was new and fascinating and do this every day with a smile on our face. You will live a deluxe canyoning experience and understand our maxim “This is life”


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9.00-12.00 15.00-18.30
9.00-12.00 15.00-18.30
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9.00-12.00 15.00-18.30
9.00-12.00 15.00-18.30
*starting April 2020