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One of the best via ferrata tours in the medium range in an intriguing gorge, suitable for a range of climbing abilities.

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Via ferrata tour Lake Garda Dolomites

This via ferrata is suitable for people with a wide range of climbing abilities, even for beginners. It is probably one of the best in the medium difficulties range, leading through a deep canyon with steep walls and a wild growing forest. All the way up it is equipped with fitted cables, metal steps help over the more difficult passages and you can experience the thrill of crossing swing bridges high over the forest and waterfalls.
A really nice adventure in a magical environment and in all safety with our Alpine Mountain guides.


Level: medium level, suitable as first experience also

Tours: daily 08.15 and 14.00

Duration: about 3 hrs.


  • min. age 12 years
  • min. height 140 cm
  • min. weight 35 kg
  • no fear of heights

We provide:

  • Mountain guide
  • free courtesy transfer from meeting point to the via ferrata
  • complete equipment (helmet, harness, brake, gloves)

To bring:

  • Firm shoes (running or trekking shoes)
  • comfortable clothing and  light wind jacket
  • small back pack with drinks and food

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    A via ferrata is a preset path along a mountain ridge, rock wall or canyon. It is set up with a metal cable all the way through, which can be used for climbing and must be used to assure the climber through a carabiner and short rope. Metal steps or hang bridges might be set up on passages, where climbing on the rock is difficult or not possible.
    On every ascent our Mountain Guides care for your safety and fun. Everyone of them is a professional with a long experience and on continuous training and upgrading. They know every track very well and can handle every situation.
    We provide the full technical equipment. It is made up of certified gear, which is always up to date and in perfect conditions. For a via ferrata tour you get harness, helmet, brake with double carabiner, gloves and back pack if needed.
    The minimum age is 12 years (and 130cm) for the easy routes. For the other ones we suggest you have a meeting with our guides first. As for the maximum: lots of our clients have already had their 70th birthday…
    No previous knowledge is required to join our via ferrata tours. Just choose the right tour to start with and you’ll see that it’s easier than you imagine. Everyone with an average grade of fitness can manage the easy and medium ones. And if you are a bit afraid of heights, just tell it to your guide and he will stay close to you all the way up. The rest is easy to learn, when professionals teach you.