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KAYAK DIAMOND Kayaking tour Trentino Advanced kayaking tour, previous open kayaking experiences or basic white water paddling are required. Not suitable as first experience. An enjoyable, yet technical descent takes us through short rapids along some boulders. A detailed introduction about safety features, paddling technique and river descent is held before we commence the journey. …

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KAYAK GOLD Kayaking tour Trentino   Our medium leveled kayaking tour, for some basic paddling knowledge. The river is not too difficult, but with some technical features and short rapids through big and small boulders. The tour includes a short introduction about safety features, paddling technique and river descent.  Suitable as first experience also.   …

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KAYAK CLASSIC Tour Kayak Trentino   Classic kayaking tour, for everyone. This is an enjoyable introduction to kayaking. After a short theoretical lesson and some easy practical exercises, everyone will be ready to descent the river with the first, not too demanding rapids. A good way to get a bit of white water feeling.  

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